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The travel industry is becoming more digitized by the day and more automated.
Our existing partners, travel agents and tour operators should fit here differently they are forced to close their business.
For scheduled flights this automation is offered by GDS.
At charter and scheduled charter automation is not as desired.

The competition between travel agents, small / mid-sized operators with mega-tour operators, because of financial power and unfair protection allows not as full charter and / or split charter risk buying seats.
We say "The little must also exist and compete."

We offer travel agencies and small / mid-sized operators in putting together their own packages charter and scheduled charter flights with special tour operator rates.

These travel agents and small / mid-sized operators;
- Do not risk chairs
- Greater diversity of flights in greater frequency.
- No high deposits or guarantees.
- It is not longer necessary to work at the site manually, this allows for less labor. to the update of the providers that are regularly done to keep up.
- Chance to get into different markets (eg Germany and Belgium) and compete.

We have own seats in charter and scheduled charters we offer tour operators.