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Our cookies-policy.

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Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary in order to operate the website accordingly. They ensure that you are able to navigate the website, search for flights and other services and to complete fight bookings.
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Information supplied by these cookies helps us to understand how our visitors use our website so that we can improve how we present our content to you. They show us, for instance, which pages are least popular.
We use this to collect information on visitor activity, the length of visitor activity and the way visitors have searched this website. This way we can know in which area’s we provide good service and in which area’s we are able to improve, which pages are loaded quickly and correctly.

– You are able to use the website without disturbance
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– You can enjoy the user experience to a maximum
– The website will recognise your personal preferences
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These ad are placed by our advertising partners who are co-investors in these companies. This way we can offer you the least expensive flight options. These cookies will also be used to display relevant ads to other websites you use.

Eliminate uitschakelen
Should you be worried about our use of cookies you can take action to ensure that they are not being placed; You are able to change your browser settings to block certain types of cookies.