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Privacy Policy

Processing Personal Details
You are able to visit this website without notifying us who you are and without submitting any personal information.
In order to fully make use of the offered products and/or services we provide it is necessary for us to process data such as your name, address, email address, phone number as well as other possible data, such as payment details.
Any amendments or changes necessary to your personal details on our database can be requested to us at all times.


IP adresses/  Cookies
Our webserver will automatically collect so called IP-addresses. An-IP address is a number computers use to identify your computer on a server, so that date can be sent to your computer (such as web pages).
You cannot be personally identified with an IP-address.
A cookie is a compact piece of information which is saved to your computer. During your visit on our website this Cookie shall be created and consulted.
The information collected are not linked to any personal information and cannot lead to personal identification.


Blocking cookies
Should you not wish to receive any cookies you can adjust your browser to fully block any cookies placed. Should you block cookies on the website will still be accessible to yo, though it will not be possible to access all components and functions offers.


Safety measures endeavours to ensure that your personal data is protected from unlawful use. Your personal data is strictly used by authorised staff members. Online data protection and storage is ensured with use of current policies and systems.


This website contains links to other websites and/or sources that are not operated by We shall not be liable or take responsibility for this in any way. This Privacy policy shall not apply to websites/sources not operated by us and will strictly apply to this website. We hereby strongly urge you to consult the respecting Privacy policies of all other websites attentively before submitting any personal information.


Current Policy in respect to Personal Data
We, as well as our providers are increasingly obligated to provide personal and travel data of passengers within a normal flight operation to external authorities world wide, such as immigration services and customs, in advance.
This is necessary in accordance to the Transport Agreement and operates mainly with the importance of safety. Please note that this measure is taken in accordance to the law and that we are unable to influence this measure taken.

E-mail Newsletter
When signing up to our electronic newsletter, you hereby acknowledge and consent for to use your email address to send regular email newsletters which may also contain further information such as special offers. You are able to opt in or out of said news letter at any time.


This Privacy Policy has been adjusted to the use and facilities of this site. Possible adjustments and/or changes of this site can lead to amendments within this Privacy Policy.
We shall use the information collected via the website in accordance to this Privacy Policy and used strictly for the purpose of which the data has been collected.

Should you have any further questions in regards to this Privacy Policy. please do not hesitate to contact us via email.