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You will soon be travelling. You will not be able to travel far without the correct documents. It is the full responsibility of the traveller to ensure that they possess all the correct documents. Which documents will I need?

You can find your ticket in an attachment within the booking confirmation email which will have been sent to you upon booking.
Whether or not you will need to print your ticket depends on the airline chosen.

If you would like to make sure whether or not you will need to print out your ticket, you can contact our call centre, who can provide you with more information on this.

You will need to have a valind passport or National ID Card in order to travel. You would not be able to get further than the check in desk with a damaged or expired document.

Passengers without a Dutch nationality will need to confirm with their national embassy which documents and what length of validity of these documents wil apply to them. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure the correct documents are in their possession upon departure and during their onward journey.

Including your children within your passport is no longer available. All minors are to be in the possession of their own passport You will find more information on the Government website for this.

Should your child have a different surname than you or your partner, you may need to provide evidence that the accompanying adult is either a parent or an authority figure. For more information on this please contact the Home Office website

You will not need a visa for all destinations. This will not only depend on your flight destination but also on your nationality. You may be required to purchase a visa prior to your travels. Please confirm this with the Embassy of your flight destination.

If the information on your passport and on your visa do not match, your visa will be deemed invalid. You will then be required to apply for a new visa without being refunded the costs for this. The passenger is fully responsible for filling out the correct visa information.
Visa prices for Turkey are  €25,- euro per person.

Checking in online and seat reservations are unfortunately not available.
Passengers are required to arrive at the aiport 2.5 hours prior to departure in order to avoid any unforseen circumstances whilst checking in. You can find your check in desk displayed on the monitors at the airport.

An increasing amount of passengers travel unprotected. For more information on health, vaccinations and recommendations for traveldestinations we would like to refer you to:

-    Your General Practitioner
-    The Ministry of Health

We wish you a healthy/safe trip!

We would like to refer you to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as their travel advice will be updated regualrly. The travel advice given will be nothing more than advice and can be either taken or left.