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You are entitled to one piece of cabin  baggage per passenger. The maximum weight your cabin baggage will depend on your selected airline. You are best able to view the baggage you are able to bring free of charge by selecting your chosen flight.

Liquids are to be brought through security seperately with a maximum of 100ml per item. The packaging is a clear plastic bag with a maximum content of 1 litre.
You are able to bring one  1-litre plastic bag per passenger. Example: perfume, toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant, contact solution, cream, make-up.

Not all airlines will allow checked in baggage. The baggage allowance will differ per airline. Whilst selecting your flight you can see the baggage allowance your selected flight will provide you free of charge.
It may be that your selected airline will only provide you with hand luggage, which will mean that you are to purchase your added check in luggage whilst booking your flight.

For exess weight you will always be obligated to pay an excess fee per kilo. This excess fee will differ with each airline. We recommend that you control your baggage when booking and to book extra baggage if applicable.

Extra booked baggage will apply per single flight. For example, if you have booked 20kg excess baggage for the single journey, the excess baggage booked will not apply to the return journey. The excess baggage costs vary per airline.

If you would like to book in excess baggage upon check in this will be available to you with a 1 euro extra charge per kilo booked. It will be less expensive to add your extra baggage whilst you are booking your flight with lower rates.

You will need to provide a statement in both Dutch and English language which cannot be older than 7 days prior to your flight.
The transport of refridgerated medicine on aboard the flight possible. though there would not be any refridgerating facilities available. Refridgerated medicines are best transported in either coolbags or vacuumflasks. You are able to transport any medicine you will not need during the flight as cabin luggage.

You are able to add medical baggage to your booking whilst booking online. You will be charged a one-off request fee of 10 euro per single flight.

You are able to book your special baggage easily and to a low cost online.
You will be charged a one-off request fee of 10 euro per single flight.

On the website you can see displayed which items will are classed under special baggage and what costs they carry.
-    Pets
-    Bicycle
-    Golfbags
-    Winter Sports equipment

Missing and/or damaged baggage must be claimed to the dispatcher of the airline chosen. The dispatcher can then file a P.I.R (Property Irregularity Report). Your claim cannot be processed without a P.I.R.  You must claim your missing/damaged baggage on the day it has occurred. As airlines are not able to accept full responsibility for your baggage, it is recommended that you transport your valuable items in your handluggage. We also recommend that you do not travel without being covered by travel insurance with your chosen insurance company.