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Transfer/Rent a car

A private transfer is a private bus or taxi which can transport you and your travel party to your final destination from the airport.
Once you have arrived at your chosen airport, it is only natural that you would like to arrive at your accommodation as soon and pain free as possible. Arrive in style with the private transfer offered by
Children will always count as adult. passengers as they will take up a seat and must always wear a seatbelt should a child seat not be provided.

Once arrived at your chosen airport you will be greeted by a member of staff who can accompany you to your vehicle. It is imperative that you ensure that you have your booking voucher with you to present to your driver.
This will avoid having to wait in long queues for a bus or taxi.
Only the passenger names stated on the booking voucher are able to travel on the Private Transfer.

Shuttle transfers are a low-cost, fast and efficient way to travel to your chosen accommodation. In the booking process displayed you can find your prices for shuttle transfers per person per single journey. You will share your shuttle bus with other passengers travelling to their accommodation on a similar route. The size of your shuttle bus will vary dependent on the demand.
If you are travelling with children, ensure they are booked as adult passengers to ensure they are provided with a seat. Shuttles will not travel to private addresses but will stop at city or town centres of your chosen destination.
your transfer times are indicative and will depend on traffic and the amount of stops within your transfer.

Anyone under the age of 21 will not be permitted to rent a vehicle abroad. Rental companies will only issue vehicles to drivers over the age of 21 with at least one year of driving experience.

Drivers over the age of 75 years old and accompanying drivers will need to be in the possession of a certificate of health.

The stated tariffs include the rental car of your choice, unlimited milage, liability, theft- and car insurance partially included, all local tax fees and 24/7 breakdown cover provided by your chosen rental service.

Fuel, casualty insurance and co-driver surcharge will not be included in the rental price.
Extra insurance can be provided in the event of crossing country borders.

Child seats, Imperial, Navigation systems, snow chains and other extra facilities are available upon request. Additional charges will apply.

For any amendments of your rental will charge a €25.- amendment fee per booking made, along with the charges incurred by your rental company.
Cancellation prices will vary per rental company, destination and departure date. will charge a €100.- cancellation fee in addition to the fees incurred by your chosen rental company.
Please do not hesitate to contact our call centre for the exact amendment and cancellation fees that apply to your chosen rental company.

All fuel costs are covered by the person renting the vehicle. No refund will be given for any excess fuel left in the vehicle.

A/C = air-conditioning
3-d/4-d/5-d = 3. 4 of 5 door vehicles
(a) = automatic
Estate = stationwagen
4WD = 4 wheel drive
C/C = convertible or a car with an open roof
CDW = Collision Damage Waiver

In the occurrence of a mechanical defect to the vehicle, you are to contact your car rental service immediately. You can find the contact details on your rental agreement. You are to obtain the consent from your rental company before having your rental vehicle repaired or replaced.

You book your rental car per price category (or group) and not for the type of car displayed. All indicated car capacities are merely indicative. The type of car mentioned in a specific category are merely a reference model and may not be available within your rental period.
We reserve the right to provide you with an alternative vehicle within the same category. This category is determined by the amount of passengers it carries, motor capacity and other characteristics. Should you choose an alternative car in a higher category on the day of your rental you are liable for the extra cost this carries.

You will find the name of your rental company on the booking voucher, with whom you can collect and return the vehicle at the airport of your chosen destination.
Upon collecting your vehicle you are to provide a valid drivers license and the voucher you have received from us upon booking.
You are to return the vehicle at the end of your rental period at the right time and location, in addition to the vehicle being returned fully cleaned and undamaged.
Please ensure that you return your rental vehicle to the same rental company you collected it from.

We shall communicate any amendments in your flight times to our local partners. So should you arrive at your destination at an earlier or later tim, we shall ensure that your vehicle will be ready for you upon arrival.

In case of car damage or theft. you will be obligated to do the following:
-    You are to inform your local car rental service immediately;
-    You are to inform the authorities and provide them with a statement;
-    The statement should be given if this has been stated in the terms and conditions of the rental company used or should you have been involved in an accident/have suffered bodily harm.
-    You are to fill out a damage report given by your rental company upon returning the vehicle, supported with the signature of a representative your rental company.

It is not permitted to cross the border and to drive in other countries. In order to do so you will need to obtain the permission of your chosen rental company.
Please note: Should you cross the border without consent of your chosen rental company your insurance will not cover this and in some countries you may be punishable by law.